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We think of royal or aristocratic women as being spoiled ladies of leisure, but my research into the past demonstrates that the opposite was true.

At the age of 18, when Princess Kleopatra was named co-regent by her addled father, she inherited a kingdom rife with crises: drought, rebellion, massive debt, marauding Roman soldiers sent to “protect” Egypt, conniving eunuchs eager for a coup, and sibling rivalries that would eventually become fatal (for the others!). Don’t know about you, but I had more trivial problems in my teens. ... Read more.

Kleopatra was a devoted mother

Would you believe that Queen Kleopatra’s highest self-definition was that of mother? Many will be surprised, but it is true that once she had children, her every choice was made to safeguard them—a son, Caesarion, with Julius Caesar, and a daughter, Kleopatra Selene, and two sons, Alexander Helios and Ptolemy Philadelphus, with the love of her life, Mark Antony. 


It’s been one of my life’s missions to present a multi-faceted portrait of this most powerful woman. Contrary to the popular trope that she was manipulative and power-hungry, in PHARAOH: Book II of my two-volume KLEOPATRA series, you’ll read of the deep love and devotion Kleopatra had for her children as well as for the country of Egypt. In fact, the Egyptian people referred to her as Mother Egypt, a fierce protector who would stop at nothing to ensure the safety of her children and her country, even if it meant putting herself in danger—indeed, losing her life.  ... Read more.

Black Friday Fit for a Queen

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Kindle with Pharoah: Book II of Kleopatra

For physical book lovers, PHARAOH will have its paperback debut early in 2023 (which is scarily soon!). Thanks to all who convinced me to produce a paperback version of KLEOPATRA, and special thanks to all who ordered it.

A few trees later…we have a paperback edition of Kleopatra Book I: The Early Years

A few trees are down, but we now have a paperback edition of Kleopatra Book I: The Early Years.


Kleopatra paperback book with gifts

I was surprised by the number of people who requested non-digital copies, so here they are, and the quality of printing is beyond expectation. They’re gorgeous and will make lovely holiday gifts. You can get a copy here. 

And…we have a cover  for Pharaoh: Book II of Kleopatra  which chronicles the extremely tumultuous later years of the queen’s life as she goes to war to preserve her marriage and her kingdom.


Cover of Pharaoh: Book II of Kleopatra

One of the things I love most about these covers is that they are inspired by an authenticated bust of Kleopatra I saw on display for the first time in Rome in 2013. Thanks to genius book designer Maya Roman for her gorgeous renderings.

Here’s the original:

Bust of Kleopatra