Holiday Giveaway & Other Cheer

Greetings from New York, the best place on earth to be for the holidays! I am here with a broken ankle, which many of you know I acquired by falling on the plane on the way to my Italian book tour. It was a sorry way to find out that I am not a vampire after all.

On Sunday, 12/19, I will join 30 fellow fiction writers in a marathon reading of Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL at the Housing Works Bookshop Cafe in Soho. In the spirit of Tiny Tim Cratchit, I will hobble up to the podium around 3:30. Refreshments after! Here’s our notice in THE NEW YORKER:

CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY: To win a FREE copy of DRACULA IN LOVE to keep or give as a holiday gift, post “I want to get bitten by Christmas” at the end of this blog. Winner will be notified by December 21th, and please reside in either the U. S. or Canada. (Note: this is separate from the Facebook DIL giveaway so feel free to enter both.)

If you’re looking for an elegant gift for the discriminating vampire or vampire lover, please consider this offering from my friends at Vampire Vineyards. I can personally guarantee the quality of the wine and I hear the book is pretty good too.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday!

As ever,