Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated…

No, I’m not dead and not even slacking! I’ve been largely focused on developing projects for TV, exciting but invisible work until it comes to your screen. I can’t make announcements just yet (contractual) but please stay tuned. Fans of female forward fiction and history will not be disappointed.

MY BIG NEWS: I’ve reclaimed worldwide rights to my popular KLEOPATRA novel series and will reissue the books September 15, 2022. Based on my graduate studies and walking in the queen’s footsteps through Egypt, Greece, Rome, & Turkey—not to mention my passion for writing about women of power—these babies were ten years in the making.

KLEOPATRA BOOK I: THE EARLY YEARS. A murderous family. Blood in the streets. Betrayal. War. Exile. An untold story. Can a young princess survive? This is the story of how Kleopatra, against all odds, becomes, well, Kleopatra.

KLEOPATRA BOOK II: THE PHARAOH explores her two partnerships with Rome’s great warriors, restoring the queen’s true legacy as a beloved leader and political strategist, pursued by these men not just for her allure but for her intelligence, wealth, and power.

I’ve got a little freebie for you – a juicy excerpt from Kleopatra Book II — The PharoahClick here to get your free download.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal, coming soon, and pre-order party fun!