A few trees later…we have a paperback edition of Kleopatra Book I: The Early Years

A few trees are down, but we now have a paperback edition of Kleopatra Book I: The Early Years.


Kleopatra paperback book with gifts


I was surprised by the number of people who requested non-digital copies, so here they are, and the quality of printing is beyond expectation. They’re gorgeous and will make lovely holiday gifts. You can get a copy here. 

And…we have a cover  for Pharaoh: Book II of Kleopatra  which chronicles the extremely tumultuous later years of the queen’s life as she goes to war to preserve her marriage and her kingdom.


Cover of Pharaoh: Book II of Kleopatra


One of the things I love most about these covers is that they are inspired by an authenticated bust of Kleopatra I saw on display for the first time in Rome in 2013. Thanks to genius book designer Maya Roman for her gorgeous renderings.


Here’s the original:


Bust of Kleopatra