Finding Meaningful Work

We think of royal or aristocratic women as being spoiled ladies of leisure, but my research into the past demonstrates that the opposite was true.

At the age of 18, when Princess Kleopatra was named co-regent by her addled father, she inherited a kingdom rife with crises: drought, rebellion, massive debt, marauding Roman soldiers sent to “protect” Egypt, conniving eunuchs eager for a coup, and sibling rivalries that would eventually become fatal (for the others!). Don’t know about you, but I had more trivial problems in my teens.


Kleopatra’s trajectory was thrust upon her. She did not have the luxury of searching for meaningful work, but we do. Even if you’re not at a crisis point with your employment, I highly recommend THE SEARCH: FINDING MEANINGFUL WORK IN A POST-CAREER WORLD, by my dear friend and brother from another mother, Bruce Feiler. Bruce traipsed the pandemic and post-pandemic globe gathering stories and data of those who sought, found, or created fulfilling work, and his book is filled with surprises and revelations. 

I found my passion to write female-centric historical novels after several short-term careers—modeling, costume design, and being a Hollywood executive—but not before going through two Masters’ programs and spending a decade studying the ancient world.

What Bruce calls “Workquakes” are not easy to manage, but as his friend, I had his invaluable advice and support along the way. If you suspect you need a change, check out THE SEARCH.

Meanwhile, to learn more of Kleopatra’s tumultuous early life and how she tackled a myriad of problems (which she had to manage without Bruce’s counsel), click here.

Hope everyone’s off to a great summer.