Israeli women pushed to the back of the bus

After many years of functioning as one of the most egalitarian nations on the planet, suddenly, religious extremists are pushing Jewish women into the shadows.  This new development flies in the face of the stance of the government, which adamantly supports equality between the sexes.  However, concessions are now being made to right-wingers and fanatics for the sake of getting their votes.

Who will be sacrificed in this scenario?  WOMEN.  The women of Israel.  All these years, I thought that the Israelis were better, smarter, and more enlightened than to pander to the fanatical sects who want to control and oppress women’s minds and bodies.  Gentlemen, is that not the job of your enemies?

What is the obsession with controlling the female body?  I will write more on this issue in days to come.  It’s fascinating how these sects make controlling their female populations priority number 1.  And it is also fascinating that western governments do not take the treatment of a country’s female population into the account of how that nation is dealt with by us.

We need a great big wake up call on this issue.  Join me in the coming weeks as we explore the countries that are blithely rolling back women’s rights, with no interference from our free western nations.  Let’s see what we an do to raise awareness about this issue.

Below, read this very disturbing piece in the New York Times: