Israeli women pushed to the back of the bus

After many years of functioning as one of the most egalitarian nations on the planet, suddenly, religious extremists are pushing Jewish women into the shadows.  This new development flies in the face of the stance of the government, which adamantly supports equality between the sexes.  However, concessions are now being made to right-wingers and fanatics for the sake of getting their votes.

Who will be sacrificed in this scenario?  WOMEN.  The women of Israel.  All these years, I thought … Read more.

Can SEX & LITERATURE really get along?

I originally wrote this piece for Publisher’s Weekly but it was cut in half for space.  Here is the unedited version.

No Sex, Please, We’re Literary!

No Sex, Please, We’re Literary!

Sex sells. But what about sexy storylines? When it comes to fiction is sex in one category and literature in another, and never the twain shall meet? In this provocative essay, author Karen Essex takes on the issue and responds to critics of her literary thrillerDracula in Love. So get ready … things are about to heat up.

During an auction for the audio rights to my new novel, Dracula in Love, … Read more.

No Sex, Please, We’re Literary

Published September 6, 2010 in Publisher’s Weekly

During an auction for the audio rights to my new novel, Dracula in Love, my editor forwarded me an e-mail from one of the bidders. “This book is so hot that I can’t wait to get home to my wife!” he proclaimed, and then outbid everyone else and presumably went home and made his wife happy.

We were delighted to hear that feedback because during the writing process, we had tortuous debates over just how much sex would be too much. My most trusted readers are my … Read more.

On Auto Wrecks and Adultery: Karen Essex chats with Penny Vincenzi and Christina Baker Kline about their new novels.

KE: The film producer Lynda Obst once told me that she came up with the idea for the George Clooney/Michelle Pfeiffer romantic comedy One Fine Day, when she—overworked, exhausted—was lying on a massage table thinking that to meet a man she would have to literally crash into one with her car. Andrew Davidson, who I chatted with recently on the blog, opened his bestseller, The Gargolye, with a car accident that transforms his character, body and soul. And I have always been a fan of the late painter Carlos Almaraz’s … Read more.