Halloween Hollywood Crawl with Amber & Karen

Please join me with Amber Benson and friends from the cast of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” for a performance of the short play “Asylum” from DRACULA IN LOVE, and then party with us from venue to venue through Halloween evening. The music, food, and entertainment gets better as the night goes on. If you haven’t sampled the delicacies and wine at Allston Yacht Club yet, you haven’t lived!


LA Lit Weekend; New Orleans, SF

Please join me this weekend, Oct. 22-24 at the BEVERLY HILLS LITERARY ESCAPE, a chance to dialogue salon-style in café conversations, lunches, teas, and dinners with myself, Mona Simpson, Abraham Verghese, Joseph O’Neill and many more. I have a few passes ($100 value) to giveaway! If you’d like one, please post your desire on the blog. Not sure how many I have but first come, first serve. I’m doing a Sunday morning chat with other authors at the Saban Theater and a Sunday lunch with Robert Goolrick (A Reliable Wife). ... Read more.

Dracula in Love, by Karen Essex

Thanks to everyone who attended the DRACULA IN LOVE book launch party on September 20th. We are just revving up for the fall, so please check the calendar below for upcoming events in your part of the world.

Thanks to all stalwart readers who came out yesterday in the sub-Sahara climate to attend the WEST HOLLYWOOD BOOK FAIR. In addition to the panel, I chatted with Amber Benson (Tara on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER), who is going to perform the ASYLUM piece with me on Halloween! See below for details. Also chatted with Julie Robinson who organizes the BEVERLY HILLS LITERARY ESCAPE WEEKEND in October. I’ll be involved all weekend in various events and lunches, and Julie has generously given me tickets to the event to raffle. Stay tuned for details!
LOS ANGELES WOMEN: Join me at HOITY TOITY BOUTIQUE on Friday, October 1st for a wine, book signing and fashion party. Hoity Toity’s unique, designer clothes will be featured with most on sale. This is a chance to get your goth’n’glam on for the fall season. From 6pm. Location below. ... Read more.

No Sex, Please, We’re Literary

Published September 6, 2010 in Publisher’s Weekly

During an auction for the audio rights to my new novel, Dracula in Love, my editor forwarded me an e-mail from one of the bidders. “This book is so hot that I can’t wait to get home to my wife!” he proclaimed, and then outbid everyone else and presumably went home and made his wife happy.

We were delighted to hear that feedback because during the writing process, we had tortuous debates over just how much sex would be too much. My most trusted readers are my agent, my editor, and my manager (yes, I’m lucky), and each had very different responses. Without giving away proclivities, two on the team kept begging for more, though what one thought erotic, the other sometimes found terrifying. The third loved every sensual drop, but kept reminding us of the puritanical level of the basic American reader, specifically, the literary reader, that elite creature who relies on a host of signifiers to be distinguished from the genre reader. She pointed out that the book had the elements that discriminating readers look for in a literary work: a strong, authoritative voice, painstakingly composed prose, and serious themes. “This book is too rich to have its seriousness dismissed because of the sex scenes,” our cautionary voice reminded us. “You know how readers are! They see some sex on the page and assume it’s a bodice-ripper.” ... Read more.

Harker breaks silence; Feiler speaks up; NYPost weighs in.

In honor of the official publication date of Dracula in Love, the vampire’s muse has broken her century-long silence in an exclusive interview with Fangoria Magazine. Read what the once quintessential Victorian virgin has to say about 21st century rehab, Internet porn, and her nostalgia for velvet:


Meanwhile, one of America’s top mortal voices, the esteemed Bruce Feiler, New York Times columnist, peripatetic historian, and repeated New York Times Bestseller list offender, has posted his thoughts about Dracula in Love on Amazon:
http://www.amazon.com/Dracula-Love-Karen-Essex/dp/0385528914/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1281275252&sr=1-1 ... Read more.