Ladies: How to Get Ahead Strategically

Women are expert strategists when it comes to running relationships or running a household, both of which are complex tasks.  So why are we lacking the strategic skills to climb the corporate ladder?  According to the WSJ, “Women held just 14.1% of executive officer positions in 2011 at Fortune 500 companies, down from 14.4% in 2010, according to recent research conducted by Catalyst, a nonprofit organization that seeks to advance women in business. When it comes to boards, women held 16.1% of seats in 2011, compared to 15.7% in 2010.

Why are the numbers so low? Despite their talent, education and hard work, many women simply aren’t chosen for roles that lead to greater success later. Women often don’t have the “intangible skills” needed to gain the attention of higher-ups at the company, says Elena Rand Kaspi, a former consultant to law firm White & Case and the president of LawScope Coaching, an executive career coaching company.”

Though I’m a writer and not trying to climb any ladders, corporate or otherwise, I used to be an executive in the entertainment industry, and I found these nine suggestions on how women can prepare themselves to rise in the business world very interesting.  Enjoy!

Nine Rules Women Must Follow to Get Ahead