The Gush over Dracula in Love

I am hanging onto my rain hat here in London as August 10th, the pub date for DRACULA IN LOVE approaches. Reviews thus far have been absolutely amazing, more than I dared wish for. From book bloggers who compare it to novels by the Brontës and Anne Rice, to a veritable rave in FANGORIA Magazine, the number one horror publication in the world, I’ve been gratified and humbled by this outpouring of generous words.

Let me assure you that THERE WILL BE BLOOD AND THEIR WILL BE PARTIES. The kick-off celebration is on September 20th at Fraiche Santa Monica, and you are all invited. We will provide delights of all kinds, including special appearances by the Undead. The festivities will move through Southern California and then across the country, culminating ‘round Halloween in New Orleans at the Vampire Film Festival.

Check your email, visit, or go to the new DRACULA IN LOVE Facebook page to find out about the events in your part of the world. We’ll be announcing them as they are confirmed.

By the way, if you are associated with a bookstore, a college or university, or a venue that hosts events, please contact me about a performance piece based on DRACULA IN LOVE that is being set up around the country.

I’m going to end with quotes from the pre-pub reviews, including links to just a few of the book bloggers who support authors. Please visit their sites and follow their reviews. These folks have become a force in publishing, and they do this not for pay but for the sheer love of literature.

And, as always, if you want to have a part in the destiny of DRACULA IN LOVE, please order a copy (and one for each of your vampire-or-gothic novel-loving friends) at your bookseller of choice.

As ever,


“If the spirits of the dead call out to you, swaddle yourself tight with your shawl, make the sign of the cross for protection, and walk away.” Like the spirits of the dead, DRACULA IN LOVE (coming August 10 from Doubleday) calls out to the reader—but instead of walking away, you should run to this fresh perspective on Bram Stoker’s classic novel.”

“On the back of the book one review reads ‘if you read only one more vampire novel, let it be this one.’ I say if you read only one more literary novel, let it be this one. Dracula in love is a masterpiece. Not only does it turn the classic tale on its head, at times it reads much better than the original. “
The View From Sari’s World

“Karen Essex’s prose is beautiful, draping itself around you and slowly drawing you in. Dracula in Love is erotic and passionate, and everything you’d want in a gothic love story. It’s haunting, it’s wonderful and I LOVED it!”
Chick with Books Blogspot

“The book is being touted on the back cover as TWILIGHT for grown-ups, which is almost an insult, because it is so much better than that and better written…I can just imagine the T-shirts saying Team Jonathan and Team Dracula!)… This book will send shivers up and down your spine and in a good way. Lush, mysterious, and unabashedly sensual, Essex pulls out all the stops and actually, in my opinion, improves on Stoker’s novel.

WARNING: I plan on gushing like a crazed fan girl about this book…”

“What I really want to do is just gush and slobber all over the place in response to this book. It’s really difficult to come up with anything intelligent to say about it because I’m still dribbling over it like an idiot. I LOVED THIS BOOK. It is sinful, and decadent and violently romantic- there were whole passages that I just want to dip in chocolate and eat.”

“Essex weaves an enchanting tale and portrayed her visions of darkened Victorian England with ease. I concur with C.W. Gortner and repeat that this is one that you should not miss…This novel achieves the nuance of the gorgeous cover and presents a very titillating narrative from Mina Murray through the enviable prose of Karen Essex.”

“Verdict Beautifully written, this novel by the author of Leonardo’s Swans features vivid images of drama, danger, and romance…Romance and vampire fiction buffs will snap this one up.” [See Prepub Alert, LJ 3/15/10.]—Patricia Altner,, Columbia, MD

“I would have to say that Essex has astonished me with her “Dracula In Love” because she combined Anne Rice’s sensuality and historical practicality with Twilights modern romantic edge. “Dracula In Love” held all of the adult components that Twilight was lacking for me.
5/5++ I loved this book…Essex has made the perfect vampire book for the avid historical fiction lover.”

“Hang on to your Team Edward novelty baseball hats, because this ain’t your teenager’s vampire novel.
This book is dark. It’s mysterious. It’s sensual. This is a real gothic novel, the way they are supposed to be written. Dracula in Love is a beautifully writtten and wildly addictive novel. I suggest it to anyone…”

“Don’t fall for the Twilight hook – this is definitely not as tame as Twilight (those are words I never thought I might say). But for those of you adults who want a “real” vampire story, one that includes dark, mysterious characters and focuses around the Sidhe and the old stories of powerful female vampires – yeah this is the book for you. Dark, spooky, horrifying…and filled with a romance that will make you shiver and look over your shoulder.”

“A sensual, without being sordid story, full of real characters that at the last page keeps the reader wanting more.”
Celtic Lady’s Reviews